2014 Wedding Flower Trends

Hello everyone and welcome to the first Thursday Trends post for 2014. How was your New Year’s? Did you have a quiet night in, or did you go all out to bring the new year in, in style? Either way – we wish you all a Happy New Year and hope it’s a safe, happy and prosperous one for you.

This week we’re looking at our prediction for 2014 wedding flower trends. We started to see a few trendsetters use these in 2013 – but we predict that they’ll be here in a big way over the next 12 months. We’re happy to see an old friend return for another year also.  So without further ado, we give you:


2014 Wedding Flower Trends


The return of Baby’s Breath

Let’s face it – we didn’t talk to Baby’s Breath  (aka gypsophila) for a very long time. The ultimate filler flower in the 80’s and 90’s took a sharp nose dive in the early 2000’s when we abandoned it for punchy colours and long stemmed lillies and tulips. With the return of vintage and handmade weddings, however, Baby’s Breath has come back – and this time, she’s not bringing any friends. A simple posy of this quaint little flower really gives off that handpicked-on-the-way-to-the-ceremony vibe and we think it’s gorgeous.

We love Baby’s Breath because it’s inexpensive, long lasting, and surprisingly hardy for such a little bloom!

How to use it:

Bouquets and boutonnieres!  Source:  Pretty Petal Studio

Bouquets and boutonnieres! Source: Pretty Petal Studio


Baby's Breath chandeliers/pomanders. Photography: Clary Photo

Baby’s Breath chandeliers/pomanders.           Photography: Clary Photo


Source: Beaux Arts Photographie

Escort Card Drawer fillers. Source: Beaux Arts Photographie


Baby's Breath Garlands. Source: Once Wed

Baby’s Breath Garlands. Source: Once Wed



Flower Crowns

Flower crowns – the ultimate accessory to for the earthy/hippie bride.  They make a pretty alternative to traditional tiaras and headpieces and are both soft and feminine.  While there is a variety of flowers blossoming in any particular season, the key is to choose flowers that will complement the bride’s hair and makeup and appear as a delicate accessory to the gown.

Source: DeLoop

Source: DeLoop


Flower crowns have been a hit on the red carpet with Katy Perry, Kirsten Dunst, Lana Del Ray, and Keira Knightley sporting them on the red carpet throughout 2013.


Lana Del Ray

Lana Del Ray

Katy Perry

Katy Perry


Succulents Still Going Strong

We’re happy to report that Succulents are still as popular as ever!  Fresh from nature and one of the most hardy types of plants in existence, they make darling additions to any wedding theme and have the added bonus of being cost-effective, long lasting and resistant to the colder weather – making them perfect for winter weddings!

We love succulents because there are such a wide variety (literally hundreds) and seem to feel at home no matter what the style of the event. From formal black tie affairs to smaller, rustic shindigs (think exposed brick, and raw timber!) – succulents will add a subtle eco-friendly splash of green without clashing with the rest of the palette.


What are your predictions for 2014? Do you think there is still a place for the humble peony? Do you think Baby’s Breath will see a revival of other long-forgotten flowers? Do you think succulents have already been done to death in 2013, or do you look forward to their return in the new year?

Post your comments below – we’d love to hear from you!


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